Doomsday Clicker

March 2016 (v1.0) -  April 2017 (v1.96)

I worked on Doomsday clicker for twelve months, starting on the project as a trainee production artist before taking over as Art Lead once the game launched in March 2016. I created and implemented artwork for all of the features added since launch, including the Space Base, Mega Monsters, Room Incidents, and the Gold Stash.


Contributions to Doomsday Clicker:

Designed and created a set of interchangeable hairstyles and outfits to create approximately 40 unique characters for the bunkers.

Art and animation for three squishable 'pests' - a rat, vulture and cockroach.

Environment artwork for Desertopolis, Forestville, Nuclear Snowland, Pacific Ocean, and Hot Spring Hotel.

Various UI icons and elements, such as Room Perks, the Gold Stash, IAP store images, Boost icons, and Room Rarity trophies.

Art and animation for eight of the ten Doomsday animations - Tsunami, Volcano, Zombies, Meteor, Locusts, Aliens, Mutant Monkey, and Robots.

Concepts, artwork and animation for the Space Base, a feature to boost retention and social engagement that involved creating a new environment and 60 unique collectable characters called Roomies.

Artwork and animation for Bleep Blorp the Drone, a flying pest that appears every four hours or so with an incentivised video offer.

Concepts, artwork and animation for Room Incidents, which are quirky events that halt production on the room until the user has tapped them away.

Artwork and animation for the Gold Stash, a 'piggy bank' style feature to encourage non-spenders to purchase premium currency.

Animation for the first five Mega Monsters: Sam Haine, a mutant College Football Player, Krampus, Valentine, and the Angry Egg Chook. These are mega ultimate pests that require many taps to destroy and are themed to celebrate holidays, events, and to cross promote PikPok games.